Professional Coaching

The Experience

Transformational coaching is characterized by these elements: Clarity, Challenge and Care. At Ministry Coaching, our coaching team of seasoned, ministry veterans work with vocational ministry leaders in one-on-one coaching relationships to provide personal growth experiences for real life and leadership change. We emphasize the application of Scripture and connectivity with Christ – combined with real, strategic, management and leadership wisdom – and trust God for the results.

We believe that the coaching relationship will be unlike any relationship you’ve had. While our coaches possess significant ministry insight and demonstrated success, our coaching is not all about introducing you to “our way” of doing things, or latests and greatest system, tool, or resource.

The Process

The standard coaching experiences begins with an  initial two-hour coaching session followed by two 30-minute phone sessions each month. Many leaders choose to incorporate a face-to-face growth experience before they begin their coaching. A combination you might be interested could include a personal life-planning retreat day with your coach or an intensive personal adventure retreat to get to know yourself and your coach before you begin.

Talk with Ministry Coaching to discuss how you can customize your coaching experience to fit your needs.