What is coaching?

Coaching is a one-on-one relationship focused on life and leadership transformation. While it includes all the benefits of counseling, mentoring and accountability, coaching is more holistic. MCI's coaching engages the Holy Spirit and applies a systematic approach to achieve success in one's spiritual life, personal discipline, leadership advancement, optimum health and priority management.

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Why get coached?

Christians are called to excellence in life and ministry. 1st Timothy 4:12 says to "...set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity." Coaching provides a framework to assess, develop and grow these key areas. The outside perspective and direct approach from your coach will allow you to eliminate blind spots and receive expert counsel, direction and encouragement.

Scholarships Available

How does it work?

Your coaching begins with behavioral assessments, an introduction to coaching tools and a two-hour session with your coach. You will discuss goals, your current reality and develop key objectives for your experience. You will then participate in two, 30-minute calls each month.

Additionally, you may take advantage of onsite opportunities to supplement your one-one-coaching. From team building to strategic planning, your coach provide growth opportunities in all areas of life and leadership.

Scholarships Available

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]inistry Coaching offers clients access to premier life and leadership assessment tools. Contact us to sharpen yourself and team with online tools including, Personal DISC, Team DISC, Emotional Quotient and PIAV (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values).

  1. Personal DISC – Discover your behavior style and natural responses to challenges, opposite points of view, environment pace and rules or procedures.
  2. Team DISC – Discover and map the unique behavioral styles of your ministry team. Learn how to effectively communicate and adapt to allow full utilization of your players. As well, gain clarity on where gaps, strengths and weaknesses, exist.
  3. EQ – Measure intelligence outside the traditional sphere. This includes the ability and capacity to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self and of others.
  4. PIAV – Access the hidden motivators and passions of your team. Identifying the prominence of these allows effective utilization of your team.